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The origin and wearing skills of the jade bracelet


The origin of the bracelet In the late days of the old age, the fact that humans wore decorations was confirmed by many unearthed objects from China and abroad. In the statue of Venus unearthed in Velendorf, a small wrist is engraved with a bracelet and other decorations. In the bone carving portrait unearthed in Isturiz, it is also engraved with a bracelet-like dress...

The origin of the bracelet

In the late days of the old age, the fact that humans wore decorations was confirmed by many Chinese and foreign unearthed objects. In the statue of Venus unearthed in Velendorf, a small wrist is engraved with a bracelet and other decorations. In the bone sculptures unearthed in Isturiz, ornaments resembling bracelets are also engraved. In the real thing unearthed in Maijin, Ukraine, there is a beautiful bracelet with a decorative pattern engraved with mammoth ivory. In the excavations of Grimaldi on the Riviera coast, in addition to bracelets made of fish vertebrae, there are bracelets made of shells, oyster shells, animal teeth and so on.

In the Banpo site dating back about 6,000 years, and in the Neolithic site in Xixia, Qufu, Shandong, archaeologists have discovered the rings of ancient ancestors such as pottery rings and stone bracelets used to decorate wrists. From the unearthed bracelets, there are animal bones, teeth, and stones, pottery, and so on. The shape of the bracelet is round tubular, ring-shaped, and there are two semi-circular rings combined into two.

The Neolithic bracelets have a certain degree of decoration, not only the surface is smooth, but some also have some simple patterns on the surface of the bracelet. From the Shang and Zhou Dynasties to the Warring States Period, the materials of the bracelets were mostly made of jade. Whether it is bracelet shape or jade color, it is extraordinarily rich. In addition to jade, metal bracelets appeared in this period. After the Western Han Dynasty, due to the influence of the culture and customs of the Western Regions, the wind wearing the armband was popular, and the style of the armband was many, and it was freely retractable. This kind of armband can adjust the size of the ring according to the thickness of the arm. Song Kuo Shen wrote in "Meng Xi Bi Tan": "Jinling people climbed the mausoleum of the Six Dynasties, and they got the jade arm, the merits and devils." There is also an arm ring called "jumping", such as spring-like, coiled into a circle, as little as three turns, and more than a dozen rings, the ends are made of gold and silver wire into a loop sleeve for adjusting the tightness. This "bounce" armband can be worn on the arm or on the wrist.

From the Sui and Tang Dynasties to the Song Dynasty, it was common for women to decorate their arms with bracelets. The "Steps of the Steps" by the painter of the early Tang Dynasty, and the "Figures of the Lady of the Flower" by Zhou Fei clearly depict the image of the woman wearing the arm. This is not only limited to the court aristocracy, but the civilian population is also very keen. According to historical records, Cui Guangyuan took the soldiers to crusade the chapters, and the soldiers looted everywhere. They saw women, cut their arms, and took away their arms. It can be seen that there are not a few women wearing armbands at the time. After the Tang and Song Dynasties, the materials and production techniques of the bracelets were highly developed, with gold and silver bracelets, jade bracelets, and bracelets. The shape has a ring shape, a bead type, a skein type, a tweezers type, a bamboo type, and the like. In the Ming and Qing Dynasties and even the Republic of China, the bracelets with gold inlaid gems are prevailing. There has been great development in the style and craftsmanship of the jewelry.

Although the bracelet is considered as a decorative object of the arm, it is the earliest kind of awakening beauty consciousness. However, many scientists believe that the original appearance of the bracelet is not entirely from beauty, but with totem worship and witchcraft. Etiquette related. At the same time, some historians believe that because men occupy an absolute dominance in economic life, rings, bracelets and other accessories have a metaphor for holding on to women and not letting them escape. This metaphor has existed for quite some time.

And earrings, necklaces, rings, like, as a bracelet jewelry, known as matching decorative clothing, as works of art to dress up as a personal style, dress up a hobby means of being accepted by more and more people And use. When wearing a bracelet, its aesthetic function is often the first.  

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